Regarding This Tome

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Dear Reader,

The tome you venture now to read is the culmination of nearly five years of labor — at times arduous, often dangerous, sometimes wondrous and frequently joyful.

Find herein accounts of all matters useful and interesting which have been gathered at great personal risk and no small expense during my extensive travels across all known Aerda, having been charged with this task in my capacity as Court Bard, serving at the pleasure of Her Majesty, Elsbeth III, by the grace of the Maker, Queen of Highmarket and Defender of the Light.

Unreservedly yours,

Galen “Farwander” Dilby
Court Bard
Free City of Highmarket


Long live the Queen!


Note: This work has been abridged for public consumption and is suitable for instructing bards, clergy, historians, merchants, pathfinders, politicos, publicans, scribes and ship masters.