The Wolds

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Map of the Wolds

The Wolds

Situated between Westrel and Ostmar is a loose confederation of independent city-states known as The Wolds.

Area: approx. 120,000 sq. miles

Population: approx. 6 million (62% human, 13% dwarf, 12% halfling, 10% elf, 3% other)

Capitol: Highmarket (pop. approx. 30,000)

Largest Cities (after Highmarket): Port Ardwyn (pop. 15,000), Iverston (pop. 13,500), Frosthollow (pop. 10,800), Greywall (pop. 9,700), Goren’s Pass (pop. 8,750)



The nation is divided into six regions, or “wolds”. Each is governed by one of the six largest cities. All other towns, villages, hamlets, etc., swear fealty to the lord of the wold to which they belong. Each wold governs itself through the sovereignty of its reigning lord.

Matters of national concern (defense, trade, coinage, treaties, etc.) are governed collectively by a combination of elected monarch (executive) and a council of nobles and guild leaders called the Council of Lords (legislative). The Council of Lords includes representatives from the reigning house of each wold as well as representatives from the most powerful guilds. Together, they decide laws and policy which are of national concern, including the muster and support of armies and the commission and execution of treaties with other nations. Executive decisions are carried out by the monarch, who is elected from one of the noble houses every 10 years.

For the last 12 years, Elsbeth III (Sera Erelian) has reigned as Queen of The Wolds and resides in Highmarket, as is customary (but not mandatory) for Wolds monarchs. A native of Highmarket, she is very popular with the people as well as the nobility and is from a long line (though not unbroken) of previous Wolds monarchs (her great uncle was King Davyn I). A devout follower of Aam, she served with distinction as a paladin of the Order of St. Ardwyn before becoming queen at the age of twenty-five.


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